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Snowscapes Flagship Expeditions (SFEX)

Snowscapes flagship Expeditions are unique in nature . The route is decided based on extensive research about the place, their history, fauna and flora and accurate ecological & topographical information.

We believe success or failure of an individual’s expedition experience entirely is a battle of the mind. Information regarding appropriate gears and weather forecast for the planned trek period are put together in a professional and comprehensive fashion in order to gear up the participants with the right mental frame and insights into the possible challenges and route behavior ahead.

All of our flagship expeditions have been unique and pioneering in someway; be it Interesting learning about the terrain or seeing unexpected scenery or observation of some geological phenomenon or exploring entirely new routes or exploring historical remains.  We also put diligent effort to documented our experiences for the benefit of future travelers or scholars. Most of our documented experiences of these SFEX Expeditions can be found at our blogsite: … written and maintained by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra, one of the co-founders of Snowscapes. Many of these have been published in the Himalayan Journal (Annual Journal of the Himalayan Club) and The Indian Mountaineer (Mouthpiece Magazine of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation) as well as several national and local newspapers.

We welcome individuals from different walks of life who have an interest in Mountains and who want to be a part of such pioneering exploratory expeditions.

If interested one can write to expressing the interest with a brief about themselves, mountaineering experience if any and why do they want to be a part of this team.

These expeditions are currently open to people with minimum experience of at least one snow trek. A certification course like Basic Mountaineering Course from NIM or HMI would be an added advantage! We typically announce our flagship expeditions around the month of January and execute the expeditions in the first half of June every year.

Some glimpses of SFEX over last 5 Years

2009- June- Nalgan Pass and Lamkhaga Pass (Shwet Digant)

2009- November – Haathi Taal- Kankul Pass and Kagbhushandi Taal (Exp Airavaat)

2010- June – Bhuinder Khal and Gupt Khal (Exp Eden2Heaven)

2011- June -Girthi Valley and Jainti Dhura (Exp Himank)

2012 June- Basisi Col in Nelang Valley (Exp Auden’s Trail)

2013 June- Jadung Gaad and Janak Glacier in Nelang Valley (Exp Jahnavi)

2014 June (Under Execution)- Chorgad and Baspa Valley Exploration (Exp Chaunsa Khaga)

Note: Most of our Snowscapes flagship Expedition are self sponsored by the participants, if the participants can bring sponsorship for themselves that is fine, however Snowscapes do not have any funds or sponsorship from any institute or agency to carry out such expeditions as of now…

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