30 May updates Chunsa Khaga

The weather update augurs well (for us). The rainy days further south and the rain scantier.



and the terrain update gives hope that snow has started melting and a few areas are clear. The captions are below the pic. The image is of 29 May with about 2 weeks of sun left till we reach the snow area.



1: Nakurche CG has a tinge of brown, 2: The south side of north ridge of Thandapani Dhar clearing up but that does not help us much just tells us that the area to its top is where we shall be cutting our trail, 3: The little lake above our base camp of the pass seems like having brown ridges around. As we look up towards the pass from BC, the ridge to our right is now begining to clear off snow, 4: Snow cleared till Baspa snout. 5: Gaundar Thach clear of snow (Chunssa Khaga was also know as Gaundar Pass to the Nelang and Taknore inhabitants), 6: Nithal Thach ITBP camp is clear off snow but the river Arsomang Nala just to its south seems covered with snow though.

As I said 2 weeks of sunshine left which can easily melt about 2 ft of snow. As another 10 days  passes till our departure we shall have a much clearer picture