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Partnership Overview

Logistics Partners

partner-ship-01We believe, “the chain is as strong as the weakest link”. No expedition can hope to be successful and safe without comprehensive logistics support. Our logistics partners have evolved with our expeditions over a decade through our numerous high altitude endeavours together. This is a team of highly trained individuals who have bailed out participants and mountain enthusiasts from many a tricky situations demonstrating camaraderie and professionalism of the highest order.

The logistic team is led by Mr. Chandan Singh Bisht. He is not only the co-founder of Snowscapes but also the chief advisor for adventure activities logistics and safety measures for Snowscapes. He has devoted 25 years of his career in mountaineering and mountain guiding. Chandan is a veteran in mountaineering guiding with basic and advanced mountaineering course certifications in 1988 and 1992 respectively. He also has completed the search and rescue as well as M.O.I certifications, Chandan is also a part time instructor of adventure course in “7 sisters adventure club” established by the legendary mountaineer Brigadier Gyan Singh.

Keeping with our proclivity for wanderlust we are trying to work out possible partnerships in East Africa which might allow us to diversify the backdrop of the adventure into places like the African Wild Bush and exploration objectives as the Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya complexes.  .

Hospitality Partners

“Atithi Devo Bhava” – Meaning, Guests who grace us with their presence are to be served with such care and respect as one would offer to God.

In the city limits of Uttarkashi, Monal Tourist Home, our hospitality partner, epitomises the above. A quiet family run guest house located on the outskirts of Uttarkashi town in Uttarakhand, it is beautifully set in the lap of nature to provide a perfect place for tourists looking for peace, calmness and relaxation. The soothing sound of the river flowing close by is like natures own lullaby for its guests in the starlit evenings. The name Monal comes from one of the most beautiful bird of these parts of the Himalayas and is also the state bird of Uttarakhand. In a way the calm serene environment of the place facilitates to give tranquility to the inner self and prepare oneself mentally for the physical rigour in the days ahead when the trek begins. The place is run and owned by a avid mountaineering enthusiast. The staffs are helpful and hospitality is the mantra which drives them through.

Transport Partners

We have tie ups with the best transport providers in the Delhi Uttaranchal circuit. The parameters we focus on is safety, time efficiency, cleanliness and courteousness of the staff. We have the access to a fleet of all kind of vehicles ranging from luxury buses of various seat capacities, SUVs best suited for the terrain in concern, drivers experienced in mountain driving .We have given paramount focus on this aspect as it is a key function and any discrepancy in this function can jeopardise an otherwise full proof expedition work plan. The services have been rendered scores of times and services provided were best under the given circumstances.

Market Partners

Snowscapes is not in the business of organizing tour to the difficult terrains, Snowscapes formats and solutions are focused on learning outcomes for organizations, and this is best illustrated in the diagram shown.

One of the key patrons in this journey have been the people at Maveric Systems. The maverick CEO Ranga Reddy sees the Snowscapes offerings as one of the key ingredients of the many innovative HR practices he tries out at Maveric.

Snowscapes’ service- offerings are aimed at serving the need of the corporate clients that accord high value to and are working on building “effective” and holistic leadership development programs. From our consulting experience we do foresee some world class organisations really striving hard to build a strong leadership order among their employees, and a key component in those developmental journey would have to do with outdoors, wilderness and adventure.


It is important for an individual for their learning’s be facilitated by reflection so that these learning doesn’t stop here and continue to their life. The team of coaches in Snowscapes is just capable of bringing those reflections in an individual, enabling the individuals to take greater responsibility for their personal & professional development. Snowscapes coaches have not only been involved in coaching intervention for more than two decades for CEOs and Sr.Management team of various organisations but also a avid mountaineers themselves, they have experienced the great deal of the best lessons taught by nature and mountain to be specific.

As coaches we give priority to our old associates who come from different walks of life and are in someway in successful leadership roles. The large network of individuals who are interested the evolution of the concept of Snowscapes participate as Asst Coaches in many of our ALP programs. The Coach team is led by Mr Ashutosh Mishra and Mr Rajesh Jadhav, who are also the founding members of Snowscapes.

Research Partners

The need to “know more” is a core value Snowscapes stands by, consonant with the biophilia hypothesis of Edward O Wilson; the hypothesis which suggests that there is an instinctive bond of curiosity between human beings and nature. We belief there is inadequate research in the area of outdoor education specifically in the context of Corporations operating in a virtual world.  There is scope research especially on the Impact of nature and mountains on different attributes of Leadership in an individual, the need and impact of Outdoor activity in a networked world and impact of intense outdoor experience on attitude shift. We have invited researchers and enthusiasts across the globe to use the Snowscapes ALP programs as a research platform.


Snowscapes is exploring possibility of working with Outdoor Education Experts of various Universities including the University of Sydney in Australia for carrying out primary research work during our corporate expeditions. The researches shall be focussing on

  • Constructs and levers for enhancing effectiveness of Outdoor Education
  • The effectiveness and impact of learning outcomes in the “Expedition” format
  • The need for Outdoor education in the days of Virtual Reality

We are actively working on making sure that research-fellows from the reputed universities in Outdoor education use the Snowscapes platform for furthering their studies.


Social Development Partners


Snowscapes partners with an innovative NGO called SHREE which has its base of operation in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. SHREE works on several rural clusters focussing on improving the yield and net income of farmers in the current crops that they are sowing. Initial field trials have captured the attention of the small and marginal farmers of the Uttarkashi region who are now seeing the benefit of improved farming practices where they have seen net income go up by as much as 226% during demonstration field trials. The founders of SHREE and Snowscapes have many common members apart from the development specialists and specially trained field workers that work with the SHREE team. More details about SHREE can be found out on facebook on their page.

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