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Our Corporate Programs

programs-02Snowscapes Corporate Programs are designed to prepare young managers for the leadership journey in an extraordinarily intense and comprehensive construct. Here the lessons and visions are imbibed “naturally “ up in the virgin valleys of the greatest mountain range of the planet. The naturally thrown in terrain challenges boost the young managers’ leadership DNA in the corporate corridors.

Through this inspirational journey, one can discover powerful lessons about what real, authentic leadership is and how to build a resilient and effective team from a group of diverse individuals coming together like never before!

Managers, leaders and anyone stuck in a rut will be inspired by this journey with the backdrop of Himalaya’s , designed and delivered by experts with backgrounds in Leadership Coaching, Organisational Transformation and High Altitude Exploration.

The intensity of the expedition gives the opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders to road test their leadership ideas the hard way – without the luxury of peers, a desk or a whiteboard! This agile ‘leadership laboratory’ experience gives once in a life time opportunity to reveal the participants’ hitherto uncovered capabilities and strengths ( the unknown unknowns ) that can be nurtured and shaped up for their success in leadership ladders .

Snowscapes Expeditions provide potential corporate leaders ample opportunities to realize what it’s like to take charge of a team when you’ve no place to hide and how truly challenging environment and inspiring visions can serve for fostering truly effective and authentic leadership.

Some of our Featured Events

  • Adventure Leadership Program (Beginner- ALP and Advanced- AALP)
  • Strategic Teaming Events (TEAMEX)
  • Offsite Strategic Change Events (STRATEX)
  • Competency Framework Design and Assessment (iALP)

Further to the above mentioned programs we also would work in tandem with the organisations to design programs and events catering to the specific leadership development needs of the organisations

The treks are categorized as:

Grade I- TEAMEX Events
Up to 3,000m; 2-3 day duration; easy access and low gradient/incline
Grade II- TEAMEX and STRATEX Events
3,000m – 4, 000m; above 3 day treks; reasonable access and slight incline
Grade III- ALP and iALP Events
Above 4,000m; above a week in duration; Steep incline; snow and difficult terrain

The treks are also graded as soft and hard based on the toughness of the trek.

Seasons play critical role in choosing the routes for the treks so we have categorized the treks…
Spring Treks –  March 15th till May 15th – ALP/iALP/STRATEX/TEAMEX events
Monsoon Treks – May 16th to August 31st – STRATEX/TEAMEX events
Fall treks – Sept 1st to November 30th – ALP/iALP/STRATEX/TEAMEX events
Winter treks – Dec 1st to March 14th – STRATEX/TEAMEX events

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