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Snowscapes Adventure Learning

We are Specialists in Outdoor Adventure Based Leadership Training – building the necessary attitudinal shifts in people being groomed for Leadership roles.


We exist, to contribute through our areas of expertise, towards harmonious existence of man and nature and
To live by, learn and teach the adage in the cradle of nature-

“Explore- Discover- Learn and Lead”

About Us

Snowscapes Adventure Learning is created by a team of accomplished Leadership Development Consultants who are deeply passionate about mountains and adventure sports.

The promoters of Snowscapes are frequently involved in Organization Development Interventions, who are themselves accomplished mountaineers/ explorers, with years of Extreme High Altitude exploration under their belt. The promoters also include hands-on logistics providers who run highly trained teams who have not only taken part in many exploratory expeditions but also have participated in activities of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and local disaster relief work by the government.

The outdoor events that we design are meant for select teams of high-potential leaders of corporate houses. The design relies heavily on engagement and intensity to trigger introspection for attitudinal shifts. The events are followed up by quarterly contact-coaching and progressively higher levels of engagement events.

Apart from the pure adventure and fun aspect of it, which we ensure by choosing interesting routes in the high Himalayas that are rarely visited, our events are complemented with one-on-one sessions, games, assessment reports, event-movies and a certification of the difficulty level accomplished. The support team and equipment are carefully chosen to ensure the highest standards of safety, accuracy, navigation and communication.

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