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Ashutosh Mishra

ashutosh_mishra Ashutosh Mishra, one of the founders of “Snowscapes” is an accomplished consultant in the domains of Business Transformation as well as an ardent adventure enthusiast of Himalayan Adventure. His Consulting credentials can be found at firm website:

Even while successfully leading a Management Consulting venture since 1999, he has been trekking to many unseen and rarely travelled areas of the Greater Himalayan and Trans Himalayan regions.

He has travelled for more than 4000 kms in the rarest parts of the Himalayas on foot in more than 30 different expeditions. In the trekking fraternity, he is known for choosing new and difficult areas to explore and for the use of modern technology for team building, navigation, detailed planning and detailed documentation of all areas that he visits.

He has experimented with designing and conducting action based learning sessions and workshops with corporate groups since early days of setting up his consulting firm. Some of the clients he has worked with for outdoor learning events include reputed names like: Timex, Room to Read, Maveric Systems, Maersk Lines and Rotopumps.

Ashutosh’s works have been published in the Journals and publications like “The Himalayan Journal” and “The Indian Mountaineer” as well as newspapers and periodicals like “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Outlook Traveller” and “The Rail Bandhu”. He tries to take out spare time for doing voluntary work for development organisations such as the Himalayan Club (Delhi Chapter), the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and SHREE (an innovative NGO working in Uttarakhand for livelihood enhancement of mountain folks).

Ashutosh regularly writes at his blog site


Rajesh Jadhav

Rajesh is a certified facilitator with a flair for combining his love of outdoors with his training interventions. A skilled high altitude trekker and adventure sports enthusiast, he is used to handling adversities at very high altitudes and uses his experience to help others learn to cope with fear and failure.

In 2008 Rajesh began independent management consulting in the area of leadership development, prior to which, he had a successful career in investment banking for 12 years in several renowned multinational banks. He has conducted several mid and top-level assessments / Development Centers as well as workshops on team building and motivation. He endeavors to share his consulting time equally among corporate, schools and community groups. When he is not working he loves going out in the Snowscapes Flagship Expeditions to explore the unexplored.

Rajesh is one of the co-founders of Snowscapes.

Chandan Singh Bisht

chandan_Singh_Bisht Chandan is 45 years old and an accomplished mountaineer in the Garhwal Himalayas. He is the chief advisor for adventure activities, adventure logistics and safety for Snowscapes; He has devoted 25 years of his career in mountaineering and mountain guiding. Chandan is a veteran in mountain guiding with basic and advance mountaineering course certificates, completed in the year 1988 and 1992 respectively. He also has completed the Search & Rescue as well as M.O.I certifications subsequently. He is also a part time instructor of adventure course in “7 sisters adventure club” established by the Legendary Mountaineer Brigadier Gyan Singh.

He has headed 7 different extreme high altitude expeditions in the role of a specialist in the Gangotri Himalayas and has also lead 11 mountaineering attempts of peaks beyond 5500 meters. Chandan has also spear headed and participated in 3 different search and rescue missions.

Chandan is married and lives with his family in Uttarkashi. He is one of the co-founders of Snowscapes.

Vinod Panwar

vinod_panwar Vinod is the lead activity trainer and safety specialist of the program, he is an experienced mountain-guide with basic and advance mountaineering course certificate, search and rescue certificate, M.O.I certified and is also a part time instructor of snow craft in “Nehru Institute of mountaineering”, Uttarkashi. He has headed 2 different extreme high altitude expeditions in the role of a specialist and has also lead 10 mountaineering attempts of peaks beyond 5500 meters. Vinod is a certified specialist by NIM for Search and Rescue missions. He is active in the field of mountaineering and adventure since last 12 years

Vinod is 29 years old, married and lives in Uttarkashi with his family.


Co-explorers and Assessors


Kuntal Joisher  has led many interesting IT ventures. On a sabbatical from 9 to 5 jobs, he spends most of his time now-a-days behind the lens in his many ventures into extreme altitude. Kuntal also spends significant time for various social causes – specifically for Dementia Research.  In the May of 2014 he was aiming to be the first Vegan in the world to be on top of Mt Everest, a dream which was cut short by the unprecedented tragedy at Khumbu Icefall. He hopes to achieve this mission objective in 2015. He is based out of Mumbai.

Suraj Vishwanath

is a keen learner and an ardent researcher in the area of Outdoor Education and leadership development. Prior to his MBA he was deeply involved in the Leadership Development initiative at ILI. Currently he spends his time equally between doctoral research in outdoor based leadership development as well as spend time in facilitation and consulting.

Raghu Ramaiah has led many interesting consulting projects relating to Process Excellence and Business PlanningHe has had the exposure of working with a wide range of organisations ranging from 20 Million$ to 2 Billion $. He is a key member of the team of coaches at Snowscapes

Ravi Chugh looks after the role of the Chief Planner of Logistics for the ALP expeditions. Apart from his core responsibility he carries out the role of Asst Coach with aplomb during the execution of ALP programs because of his keen sense of observation and extensive exposure to complex projects in Organizational transformation.

Rajesh Pal carries out the role of an Asst Coach when he can take time off the consulting assignments. He also can easily assist in camp administration.

Abhilash Nanda carries out the role of Assistant coach . His deep knowledge of flora and fauna of the wild comes handy during the expeditions.

 Co- explorers and Friends of Snowscapes

Someone described them as the “Merry band of explorers” indicating the Joie de vivre that have characterised the SFex expeditions. Each from diverse and interesting walks of life, most of these people have met each other on the internet forums for the first time during the planning stage of some SFex expedition. Each one of them have contributed immensely as a team for all our activities in and out of the mountains.

The concept of Snowscapes continues to get nurtured and evolved through the active and passive contributions and myriad interactions with these very dear friends.

Arun Negi – has a background in managing large project teams in the IT and ITES space. Being an accomplished Parkour artist, he is at ease doing “handstand”s atop extreme altitude summits! Arun is a keen photographer and constantly experiments with his lenses and absorbs any learning in the area like a sponge. He is based out of NOIDA. Usually handles the roles of Team Videographer and expedition financial control.

Kalyani Patil – works for the Govt of Maharashtra in the revenue services apart from spending time in serious mountaineering. She was part of a successful summit team for Mt Mukut in 2010. She is based out of Mumbai – Maharashtra. Usually carries a leadership/Dy Leadership role in SFex Explorations.

Dr Atamjot Grewal – works as a medical director in one of the leading corporate hospital chains of India at Gurgaon. Her native professional expertise comes handy when she carries out the team medic’s role with aplomb!!

Ravin Bhatt – is an expert in Mathematics and Statistics. Working with a reputed consulting firm, he uses his skills in Business Analytics to advise clients in the “Retailing” domain. His brooding demeanour hides a keen observer and learner who can potentially contribute in any discussion but prefers to keep his counsel to himself.  Contributes selflessly to achieve team objectives. He is currently based at Gurgaon.

Bharat Tomar – is a frequent visitor to the IMF “Wall” apart from being a software engineer managing large teams in the IT domain. Forever willing to learn Bharat plays an important role in putting together the expedition. His fastidious tastes lovingly win him the sobriquet – “Nawab Sahib”. He is based out of NOIDA.

Anant Khirbat – is an engineer and entrepreneur based out of Gurgaon. While running a successful packaging business, he engages in daring adventures to de-stress. He has indulged in several high climbs in the Ladakh-Karakoram and the Garhwal range.

Sanjit Singh Bal – serves in a senior leadership role in one of the leading ITES companies of India at Gurgaon. Full with energy and optimism, his expertise in handling various authorities comes handy for obtaining the various crucial permissions and Institutional support that the team requires.

Rachit Mangal – An alumnus of IIT Delhi and with extensive experience of International Marketing of Infrastructure products, Rachit currently runs a successful firm providing Human Resource advice and solutions. In his spare time Rachit loves to take off into the mountains along with wife Prabhjot who, after an interesting career in Retailing and Entertainment, is now pursuing her interests in cultural tourism. She is equally enthused about wilderness adventure.

Ritesh Mittal An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Ritesh spends most of his professional time designing complex computer hardwares. He has a keen eye behind the lens and spends most of his spare time clicking world-class shots in the high Himalayas which have won accolades from various business magazines.

Pramod Dangi is a financial advisor by profession and runs his firm successfully out of Bombay. A careful planner and researcher for expeditions, he loves to spend his spare time with family in various exotic natural locale. Forever full with energy his very presence can boost the moral of team.

Dr Suraj Mal– a professor of Geography in University of Delhi has been an integral part of many interesting SFex expeditions into the inner line. His deep knowledge of Geography and Geology and keenness to learn earns him a special place in the team. He would always put in additional effort to explore and carry samples back to satiate his intellectual curiosity.

Anshuman Nanda  after a stint in the FMCG industry early in his career works as a Supply Chain specialist in the automotive industry today. He currently heads a business unit for one of the global auto-majors at Greater NOIDA. When he is not deep in budgets and targets, he works out and loves long drive-outs.

Shahid Ali (Nissar) is an audiologist by profession and works very closely with many important organisations of national repute. Always full of energy and vigour he adds the aggressive edge to the team spirit. Forever walking the edge he is always on the look out for new thrilling experiences and adventures. He is based out of Hyderabad.

Vishwanath Radhakrishna is a naturologist who enjoys spending time in the mountains. Based out of Bangalore he runs his own firm on Adventure Tourism services and Adventure equipment. He personally travels in pioneering expeditions few of which have been SFexs before he takes his own teams there. High on spirit of adventure he is a great contributor for team efforts.

Raji has been a great inspiration again. Balancing between her busy life in one of the Telecom majors of the county and her passion for exploring nature, she would be often found photogrpahing exotic locales in and out of the country.

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