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Welcome to Snowscapes Adventure Learning

Snowscapes Adventure Learning is created by a team of accomplished Leadership Development Consultants who are deeply passionate about mountains and adventure sports.

The promoters of Snowscapes are frequently involved in Organization Development Interventions who themselves are accomplished mountaineers / explorers with years of Extreme High Altitude exploration under the belt.

The promoters also include hands-on logistics providers who run highly trained teams who have not only taken part in many exploratory expeditions but also have participated in activities of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and local disaster relief work by the government.

SnowScapes Adventure Learning


SnowScapes Introduction video

Snowscapes is specialised in Outdoor Adventure Based Leadership Training – building the necessary attitudinal shifts in people being groomed for Leadership roles.

Our Mission

We exist, to contribute through our areas of expertise, towards harmonious existence of man and nature and to live by, learn and teach the adage in the cradle of nature -
“Explore, Discover, Learn and Lead”

Our People

Ashutosh Mishra

Founder and Cf. Coach

Rajesh Jadhav

Founder and Coach

Chandan Singh Bisht

Head Logistics

Vinod Panwar

Head Trainer

Ravi Chug

Assitant Coach

About Our Programs

Our peograms has always been custom designed to the specific need of different clientles.
Below are three examples of our programs designed for three different clientele:
1. Adventure Leadership Program (ALP) for Corporates
2. Snowscapes Flagship Expeditions (SFex) for Experienced Hikers
3. Introductory Theme Treks (ITex) for Passionate Beginners

1. Adventure Leadership Program (ALP):
Is aimed at such corporates who truly believe in Leadership education and grooming leaders from within the system. The format is based on many popular programs that are offered in the West for Outdoor Leadership Training. We believe that in today’s world the dollars spent on sending employees outdoor has a very high fun quotient, which with experienced design and facilitation can also be a method of great internal education. When props of the modern life like money and cell phone are no longer present and one is in the laps of nature and under its mercy, one’s innate abilities come through. If such experiences can be designed well, one can discover one’s own inner attitudes and abilities about planning, organizing, decision-making, conflict resolution, teaming and influencing. Such experiences redefine the perceptions one has about oneself and the world around. When nature teaches things, the realizations are likely to be genuine, long lasting and one that will initiate change for the better as we have already experienced in many of our programs. We believe, designed explorations are much more probable to initiate an attitude building journey compared to classroom teaching, intermittent coaching, or psychometric tests.

ALP program


Glimpse of our ALP program

2. Snowscapes Flagship Expeditions (SFex):
These are designed for experienced mountain travellers who have already done the beaten path in the Himalayas. They would be people who do not have much time in their worklife to plan for explorations as documented in the British Era and yet want to explore completely unexplored or rarely explored nooks and crannies of the Himalayas. While serving these customers we aim to reproduce and perhaps emulate the experiences that we design for ourselves. This involves diligent effort for finding out possible pioneering routes, feasibility study of the routes, detailed mapping and route digitization, government permissions, planning the logistics, preparation of contingency exit plans, organizing trained and experienced resources, execution of the expedition, documentation and finally promotion of the expedition. We believe with each one of these expeditions we are adding tremendous value to topographical research and documentation of the greatest mountain range on earth.

3. Introductory Theme Treks (ITex):
These are aimed at introducing aspiring and beginner trekkers into theme based expeditions. We have currently handpicked about 10 interesting routes we discovered during our SFex expeditions which are listed in the “Theme Routes” page on this site. Such treks are usually centered around interesting and informative themes on the mountains. Executives and professionals wanting a break into the laps of nature for taking some time out find these interesting. People with reasonable fitness, passion for mountains and nature and in the age group between 25 to 55 can come in these treks. These are usually supported with the same logistics, technology and experts that we put together for more sophisticated and difficult expeditions so that participants can have a glimpse of the expedition. To enhance these aspects, routes are carefully and deliberately chosen- routes that are not usual and off the beaten track so that the experience is such, one can write home about.

ITex program


Glimpse of our ITex program

Snowscapes Flagship Expeditions (SFex)

Flagship_Program Snowscapes flagship Expeditions are unique in nature . The route is decided based on extensive research about the place, their history, fauna and flora and accurate ecological & topographical information.

We believe success or failure of an individual’s expedition experience entirely is a battle of the mind. Information regarding appropriate gears and weather forecast for the planned trek period are put together in a professional and comprehensive fashion – in order to gear up the participants with the right mental frame and insights into the possible challenges and route behavior ahead.!

All of our flagship expeditions have been unique and pioneering in someway; be it the Interesting learning about the terrain or the unexpected scenery or the observation of some geological phenomenon or the exploration of entirely new routes or historical remains. We also put diligent effort to document our experiences for the benefit of future travelers or scholars. Most of our documented experiences of these SFex Expeditions can be found at our blogsite:, written and maintained by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra, one of the co-founders of Snowscapes. Many of these have been published in the Himalayan Journal (Annual Journal of the Himalayan Club) and The Indian Mountaineer (Mouthpiece Magazine of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation) as well as several national and local newspapers.

We welcome individuals from different walks of life who have an interest in Mountains and who want to be a part of such pioneering exploratory expeditions.If interested one can write to expressing the interest with a brief about themselves, mountaineering experience if any and why do they want to be a part of this team.

These expeditions are currently open to people with minimum experience of at least one snow trek. A certification course like Basic Mountaineering Course from NIM or HMI would be an added advantage! We typically announce our flagship expeditions around the month of January and execute the expeditions in the first half of June every year.

Glimse of some SFexs

Some of the expeditions that were led, designed and executed by the founders of Snowscapes into the restricted areas near the mountainous frontiers are listed as under. These are not singularly Snowscapes expeditions since other organisations were also involved to ease the process for access permissions to these areas.
2014 June - Chorgad and Baspa Valley Exploration (Exp Chaunsa Khaga)
2013 June- Jadung Gaad and Janak Glacier in Nelang Valley (Exp Jadhung)
2012 June- Basisi Col in Nelang Valley (Exp Auden’s Trail)
2011- June -Girthi Valley and Jainti Dhura (Exp Himank)
2010- June – Bhuinder Khal and Gupt Khal (Exp Eden2Heaven)
2009- November – Haathi Taal- Kankul Pass and Kagbhushandi Taal (Exp Airavaat)
2009- June- Nalgan Pass and Lamkhaga Pass (Shwet Digant)

Disclaimer: So far all Snowscapes flagship Expeditions (SFexs) are self sponsored by the participants, if the participants can bring sponsorship for themselves that is fine, however Snowscapes do not have any funds or sponsorship from any institute or agency to carry out such expeditions as of now…

Corporate Programs

Corporate_Program Snowscapes Corporate Programs are designed to prepare young managers for the leadership journey in an extraordinarily intense and comprehensive construct. Here the lessons and visions are imbibed "naturally" up in the virgin valleys of the greatest mountain range of the planet. The naturally thrown in terrain challenges boost the young manager's leadership DNA in the corporate corridors.

Through this inspirational journey, one can discover powerful lessons about what real, authentic leadership is and how to build a resilient and effective team from a group of diverse individuals coming together like never before.

Managers, leaders and anyone stuck in a rut will be inspired by this journey with the backdrop of Himalayas, designed and delivered by experts with backgrounds in Leadership Coaching, Organisational Transformation and High Altitude Exploration.

The intensity of the expedition gives the opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders to road test their leadership ideas the hard way – without the luxury of peers, a desk or a whiteboard. This agile ‘leadership laboratory’ experience gives once in a life time opportunity to reveal the participants’ hitherto uncovered capabilities and strengths (the unknown unknowns) that can be nurtured and shaped up for their success in leadership ladders.

Snowscapes Expeditions provide potential corporate leaders ample opportunities to realize what it’s like to take charge of a team when you’ve no place to hide and how truly challenging environment and inspiring visions can serve for fostering truly effective and authentic leadership.

Theme Route

Theme Routes

Theme_Routes These are routes designed out of various SFex Expeditions held over the last decade. Most of these routes are mapped by GPS during the SFex expeditions and the GPS data used proprietarily by Snowscapes. In all these unique routes customised maps of resolution unto 1:5000 have already specially been designed by the Snowscapes Cartography Team- a division of Snowscapes that specialises in designing custom GPS Maps of the Himalayan Terrain.

Some of the routes are certified for the ALP and ITex (Introductory Theme Expeditions). Profile of the routes are given below but the detailed itinerary is worked out on request.

The difficulty grades of these treks can be rated between Easy to Moderately difficult. On the 11 factor dynamic rating scale that we use, these routes yield an average difficulty rating of 5-6 out of a 10 point rating scale. The newness and virgin-ness of the routes adds almost one point advantage to the difficulty level.

Since many of these trails are juxtaposed geographically it is also possible to create new route options by combining parts of various outs described below. We provide below a short description of the ten routes we have handpicked after careful experimentation and analysis.

Choose your Theme Route

1. Gaumukh Tapovan
Trek Duration: 9 days
Altitude: 4,000 Mtrs
Trek Length: 50 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

2. Dodital
Trek Duration: 8 days
Altitude: 3,400 Mtrs
Trek Length: 37 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

3. Dayara Bugiyal
Trek Duration: 8 days
Altitude: 3,400 Mtrs
Trek Length: 20 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

4. Kuari Pass
Trek Duration: 10 days
Altitude: 4,256 Mtrs
Trek Length: 70 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

5. Nandadevi Trek
Trek Duration: 10 days
Altitude: 4,250 Mtrs
Trek Length: 35 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

6. Valley of Flowers
Trek Duration: 9 days
Altitude: 4,329 Mtrs
Trek Length: 53 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

7. Roopkund Trek
Trek Duration: 7 days
Altitude: 4,450 Mtrs
Trek Length: 45 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

8. Chandrasilla Trek
Trek Duration: 5 days
Altitude: 4,090 Mtrs
Trek Length: 8 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

9. Pindari Glacier
Trek Duration: 12 days
Altitude: 3,900 Mtrs
Trek Length: 41 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

10. Milam Glacier Trek
Trek Duration: 17 days
Altitude: 4,200 Mtrs
Trek Length: 58 kms
Difficulty: Grade III Hard

11. Kafni Glacier Trek
Trek Duration: 10 days
Altitude: 3,260 Mtrs
Trek Length: 83 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

12. Kedar Kantha Trek
Trek Duration: 6 days
Altitude: 3,800 Mtrs
Trek Length: 30 kms
Difficulty: Grade II Hard

Choose your Service Package

Packages and Design Features

Snowscapes designs client experiences along 3 service packages which we call as Snowscapes Basic, Classic and Premium....
In all package types the basic uniqueness of the Snowscapes experience is maintained which is

. a) An immersive Experience
. b) Exploration grade technology, safety and risk mitigation
. c) Comfort where possible

We actively promote eco sensitivity in all our experience designs. We love our food and hence carefully plan out the diet and the menu during our time in the mountains. We work on our films and documentaries continuously and hence can give good company to enthusiasts of photo and filmography during our time in the mountains.

Depending on the routes and client preferences the Snowscapes Experience can be availed through the following package types. All packages are so designed so that you don’t have to spend any thing out of pocket after Snowscapes services start. Features are integrated to take care of all your travel, lodging, food and expedition services needs.

Read more
Snowscapes Basic

Budget package suitable for known as well as less frequented routes with known data on terrain and navigation.

* Not offered on exploratory routes

Snowscapes Classic

Flagship package Offered on all kinds of trails specifically for Exploratory Adventurers / Family Groups as well as Corporate groups

Snowscapes Premium

This package offered for known as well as less frequented trails for family groups and corporate leadership training with Premium Facilities for Camping, F & B and Transport.
* Not offered on exploratory routes.

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Our Published Works

Railbandhu October-2013

Audin's trial through shiva matted locks

A journey through the Girthi and Kio Gad Valley

In The Foot Step Of Smythe

Retracing the footstep of Frank Smythe

Valley of flowers, not a bed of roses - Times of India 26th June 2010

Our Clients

Some of our corporate clients

Client Speaks

Here is what some of our clients have to say about the Snowscapes Experience...


Maveric Leadership speaks about ALP Program

Here are some of the excerpts of the reflection sessions with ALP Participants that are carried out in the Expedition Format.


Glimpses of the reflection event of ALP-IV


Glimpses of the reflection event of ALP-III


Glimpses of the reflection event of ALP-II

“it put things in a different perspective altogether.. which made a world of difference. People could see a perceptible change in us the minute we had come back from this program..”

~ S Kannan, VP-Sales, MEA, Maveric Systems

“U hav changed our Outlook towards life sir, ab risk lene se Dar nahi lagta ….”

~ Sandeep S Chauhan, Maveric Systems

“..pushes off the status quo Intellectually, emotionally and physically. So there is a potential for a breakthrough in the way you perceive yourself, surroundings and all the relationships that you have ..”

~ I Ranga Reddy, CEO, Maveric Systems

Think Himalayas … Think Snowscapes !!!
– “They know better” –
I Sincerely Thank my Company, Maveric & Snowscapes Team starting from Praveen / Ashu dada / Rajesh Ji, Ravi, Abhilash, Pratam, Raana, Vinod the wonderful as i ever cherish them for providing me & helping me to reach a destination which i have never imagined or even dreamt to climb the heights & feel the divinity & aura in Himalayas. Now i feel, a human (if at all no serious physical challenges) has (must) to visit Himalayas & feel the Aura of Mother Nature / Lord Shiva / Himalayas / Histories .. of the wizened old Mountain (formed 65,000,000 years back as in the words of Ashu ji).
You want to know how i feel … Trek with Ashu & Rajesh !!!

With love,
Ravi Bargava
(Associate Test Manager- Maveric Systems)

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